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Required Mortgage Loan Document List | Mortgage Loans Colorado

  • 2 Yr employment history with work address& phone #

  • 2 Yr residence history

  • Refinance section on page 1

  • dti-debt-to-income-ratioHome phone number

  • Verify borrowers name & address are correctly spelled

  • Verify Date of Birth and Social Security #

  • Most recent 30 days of consecutive paystubs

  • SSA Awards Letter and/or Pension Statement (if applicable)

  • W2s and/or 1099s for that most recent last 2 year

  • Tax Returns for the most recent last 2 years

  • Corporate Returns and K1s (if applicable)

  • Explanation for job gaps

  • 2 full months of bank statements | Current Retirement Statement ALL pages

  • Note - For Existing Mortgages

    • Mortgage Loan Checklist and StepsCovering 60 days of history

    • Must have ALL pages (even if blank)

    • Must reference borrower name, bank name, account number

    • Explanation AND Documentation of any large deposits

  • Mortgage Statements for All Mortgages

  • Income Documentation For All Income Sources

  • Asset Documentation for Bank, Retirement, Investment Accounts

  • For all mortgage liabilities, provide Tax, Insurance and Mortgage Payment Statements

  • Legible copy of driver’s licensef for Each Borrower

  • Legible proof of Social Security number for Each Borrower

  • Copy of current Homeowners Insurance (or agent name/number/premium)

  • Payment information for appraisal order - Credit Card Authorization Form 

Interest-Only-loans/***If you are Self-Employed or receive commission income: 

  • Federal Tax Returns, all pages & all schedules, covering the most recent two years

  • CPA name and phone number 

  • We have a variety of Self Employed 12 & 24 Bank Statement Programs

***If you currently own a second home or investment property: 

  • Mortgage statements and Mortgage Notes for all mortgages

  • Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Declaration Page for all properties

  • Property Tax Bill for the most recent year for all properties

 ***Note, each loan is different and some of these docments may or may not be required, as well as additional documents may be required to verify the loan application. 


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