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“The key to securing your dream home, with an affordable mortgage plan”

Before venturing into the property market and shopping for the best mortgage, you need to get preapproved. This process requires a careful scanning of your current income level, credit history and any asset-base so as to determine your purchasing power.

A preapproved buyer has a better chance of availing low interest loans to buy a home, as well as indicate to the seller that they’re more than interested in buying the property.

Amax Lending offers free-of-cost preapproval services. This allows you to improve your bargaining power when buying a new home or searching for a loan and determine your affordability range to help you scout for a new home.

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Our advanced reporting features help you strike the best deal when you’re applying for a loan by:

  • Determining your income status and affordability range, prior to loan application
  • Helping you search for the loan and residential property well within your range
  • Demonstrating to banks & property sellers that you're able and willing buyer
  • Providing you with an added leverage when buying a home
  • Offering a guarantee to your creditability with a Amax Lending stamp
  • Making your offer look more appealing and appeasing to sellers and lenders
  • Adding value to your credit report through an independent, third party review

Mortgage calculator/How to Get Preapproved?

The process of preapproval is easy. Call us today at ‪(970) 445-4977 and talk to any of our Loan Officers. We listen to you, evaluate your bargaining power and recommend the best course of action.

This includes viewing your track record, payment histories and other important documents.

We understand that each borrower is different and have different income levels, credit histories and purchase budgets.

Accordingly, our loan officers converse with you - keeping in mind your current financial standing and help you search the right amount of loan at the right amount of monthly repayments.

For First-Time Home Buyers

We believe in the ability of each and every buyer, not just affluent ones. Our loan options cover all and provide buyers an opportunity to secure the best money plan, while sitting within their comfort zones.

Three of our most popular loans include:

  • PreQualified-vs-PreApprovedVA Loan: With a guarantee offered by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), this loan is issued to qualified lenders and is a top-notch choice for all active military members and veterans alike. This loan does not require any down payment and PMI. The loan has flexible credit requirements as well.
  • FHA Loan: Insured by the Federal Housing Authority, the FHA Loan offers a government- backed guarantee to the lenders for risk mitigation, in the event the buyer defaults. This is why such loans require a down payment of only 3.5% with extremely low closing costs.

  • 30 Year Fixed Loan: One of the most sought-after loans at Amax Lending, the 30-year fixed carries an interest rate that remains unchanged throughout the loan term. This allows buyers the flexibility to make repayments without the fear of bearing inflation-adjustments.

Colorado Mortgage Loans Amax Lending offers lending calculators to help you determine which lending program is best suited for all your needs. To access the program or to learn more, please feel free to contact us today! ‪(970) 445-4977

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