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Getting Started with your Omaha Home Mortgage

Open-House-pre approval home loanMake your DREAM home YOUR home! And let us help! 

At Thompson Kane, we want you to understand the very important steps toward home ownership and have prepared a step-by-step guide.  This guide does not replace our one-on-one customer service that we take great pride in, but it will give you an idea of how we navigate from day one to closing day.

Stage 1: Pre-Approval

Getting Pre-Approved is a must.  Your Loan Officer will gather some basic information to determine how much you can borrow, program options such as Fixed Rate, Adjustable VA, USDA or FHA and an estimate of your monthly payment. 

To get started, click APPLY NOW or reach out to one of experienced Loan Officers.  


Once the Loan Officer determines you are eligible, they will issue a Pre-Approval Letter.

Step 2: Find a Real Estate Agent 

Using the services of a Real Estate Agent will be one of your best resources as you search for a home.  They are knowledgeable in contract negotiations as well as finding that perfect home for you!  Ask your Loan Officer for agent referrals in the Omaha NE area.

Step 3: Find THE Home

With a Pre-Approval, Omaha Area Real Estate Agent, its time to find your home.

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Step 4: Gather and Provide Requested Documents

At this point, your Loan Officer may have already requested documentssuch as your W2s and paystubs.  You will now be asked to submit all documents so your file can more into the underwriting stage.  Download our Mobile app to use the scanner tool to upload your documents.

submit to underwriting - pre approval vs pre qualified

Step 5:  Submit to Underwriting

The full loan package is now being underwritten.  An appraisal will now be ordered and closing dates and times will be confirmed.  Your  Loan Officerwill work with you and the underwriting team to clear all conditions.  Once that has been completed, you are CLEAR TO CLOSE! 

Step 6:  Signing Day

This is the day you have been waiting for!  Your Loan Officer and Real Estate agent will meet you at the title company for your closing. A closing agent will go over all the closing documents with you and notarize them as you sign.  Once all parties have signed, you are officially a home owner!  CONGRATULATIONS!

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